The Case for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you may have suffered severe personal injury and are personal injuryconsidering whether or not to hire a personal injury lawyer, such as Michael Rowek, a lawyer in New Jersey. Having the right personal injury lawyer on your side can actually make or break your case.

Studies have shown individuals who have been injured and have a lawyer representing them in court usually receive higher settlements than individuals who do not have a lawyer with them. According to Rowek, this is because the lawyer has additional knowledge and will work to get you the best settlement possible. However, you will want to do you research on any potential lawyer. Just because they offer the best rate, doesn’t mean they will do the best job representing you. Spend time during initial consultations learning about the process and see how much information the firm will provide. If you leave with more questions than answers, it may be best to continue your search.

Another indicator of hiring a good personal injury lawyer is valuation. You will want to hire someone who will win you a settlement larger than you would have received without representation, even after lawyers’ fees are paid.

At the end of the day, after research and consultations are done, you will have to decide if your injuries are worth hiring a lawyer to help you fight for what you deserve, whether this is medical bills or lost wages. Just remember, a personal injury lawyer like Michael Rowek, will be fighting for you.

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