Michael Rowek Explains Why You Should Never Represent Yourself in a Personal Injury Case

Michael Rowek is a lawyer who is always trying to help his clients get the maximum award for a personal injury claim. As a lawyer, Michael Rowek understands that a personal injury can have a devastating effect on a family. From medical bills to missed time at work to rehabilitation, if you have been hurt in an accident that you didn’t cause, you need to seek help from a personal injury lawyer immediately.

Why Can’t I Just Represent Myself?

While you are certainly allowed to represent yourself in a court of law, it’s not recommended. Although you might be able to save money representing yourself, you’re going to lose money in a potential award. Michael Rowek understands that you want to recoup as much money as possible, but representing yourself if the wrong way to go about doing it. You wouldn’t perform foot surgery on yourself, would you?

You shouldn’t represent yourself either. The insurance company that will be going against you will hire the best attorneys it can find to ensure its interests are met. You should do the same. Insurance companies are also much less likely to settle if they know you’re representing yourself. They’re more likely to just wait you out as lawsuits can take time.

Plus, Michael Rowek is a lawyer who believes in providing his clients with a number of options to ensure they receive ample representation. He will fight for you, and he will only collect his fee if he gets you money. That’s an easy way to justify spending the money on a quality attorney like Michael Rowek.